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DataCity Analytics provides innovative solutions for medium-to-large organizations looking to extract meaningful information from complex data sets. We leverage new techniques and technology to drive a deep understanding of data. The insight and metrics that we generate help inform decision-making to grow and sustain business operations.

Large organizations have complex systems that generate large amounts of data. Traditional data-processing tools fail to fully leverage that data and can't provide the kind of insight that drives positive change. DataCity Analytics has experience with new tools that allow these organizations to make smarter, more agile decisions with the firm foundation of good data systems.

The Industries We Serve


The integrated systems that power global communication comprise of thousands of devices and connections that each record and store data on signal quality, up-time and so much more. DataCity Analytics can help analyze this data and develop a full picture of how these many elements work together to create a full system.

Online Services

Improve your customer experience by tracking and analyzing each individual interaction your customers have with your online presence. From load times to click-tracking, learn what parts of your website enhance your customer interaction and what parts slow it down. Use predictive technology to project future capacity, database and performance as your business grows.

Energy & Utilities

Monitor asset performance and outages in real time. By creating a dataset and trend analysis, you can predict the failure point of equipment and schedule just-in-time replacement or service calls without waiting for something to go wrong. DataCity Analytics can help create a full picture of your entire infrastructure, viewable with historical data and in real time.


Perform advanced analysis of the wide range of clinical and laboratory data available today. DataCity Analytics enables the full analysis and study of medical data in a secure environment. The data gathering and analysis services we provide offer unmatched ability to respond to unique questions and challenges while maintaining full control of all data within regulatory and medical ethics standards.


Combine the data points of all aspects of your manufacturing capability and gain benefit from the combination of information technology, operational technology, and business operations data. DataCity Analytics helps you drive efficiency and creative solutions to complex problems throughout the design and manufacturing process.


Track, monitor and improve your supply chain from raw materials all the way to retail of direct-to-consumer delivery. When you turn every part of your logistics operation into a data-gathering component, you are presented with a complex array of data that contains unmatched potential to understand your logistics chain.


Transactional data, customer data and predictive analytics are at the heart of financial services. The tools provided by DataCity Analytics help you bring together separate databases to create a complete picture of where you have been, where you are, and where you are going.


Enhance the flexibility, security and performance of campus networks by gathering usage data and measuring specific variable levels of demand. Monitor equipment, connectivity, and service requests on a single "dashboard" displaying all of your system's relevant data.

I highly recommend DataCity Analytics for data analytics. Their expertise in data mining and analytics found valuable patterns and insight into a large set of data that we already had collected and stored in our legacy systems. Managing to exploit this storehouse of data was a game-changer for us."

Bryan S., Director of Technology at a financial services company


DataCity Analytics is your trusted partner in data solutions. We help our customers understand and enhance data collection and analysis. Our custom solutions working with data help position customers for success in the marketplace, providing unparalleled insight into existing operations as well as the tools and planning required to support constant evolution and continued analysis of your data.

The volume of data that's now collected from normal operations is nearly unimaginable. As this data resource continues to grow, managing and understanding it becomes an even bigger challenge. The DataCity Analytics methodology positions us to quickly and productively create data analytics that work for you.

We get to know your environment, your data sources and your business goals. Then we create a custom plan that will help you make better use of the raw information that your business generates constantly. A deep dive into the data that you already have can provide substantial support for new revenue opportunities and more effective decision-making.

As part of all of our customized data solutions, we will:

  • Define strategic development that will allow the best use of a successful data platform.
  • Create the analytics that will use your data to the fullest and drive new ventures and innovation.
  • Recommend and deploy only the technology that supports and complements your specific business needs.
  • Improve your ability to dynamically analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data.
  • Offer the maximum visibility into your organization's data analytics with a customized dashboard view of all key metrics.
  • Help you understand what your data is showing and how it can be used to support change across your organization.
  • Support your ability to leverage your data for trends analysis.
  • Help you fully integrate your data analytics with the existing IT systems and operations.
  • Provide a framework to gather additional data from new sources and analyze with advanced methodology.

DataCity Analytics solutions will help you break down data silos and provide a new look at the data generated by all of your technical operations.


Data and the effective usage of it is the new difference-maker in the world for organizations of all types. Data science is a field that covers a wide range of applications and analysis of any kind of data, using proven methodologies and tools. Through successful application of data science, it's possible to engage with the data to extract meaningful insight at very large scales.

The results of data science can be applied to business or organizational problems to produce solutions that have a grounding in real information and are supported by measurable scientific principles. Organizations with a successful data science implementation find that questions and answers that were thought to be "soft" or based on intuition and experience are can actually be visualized by real data.

Elements of Data Science

The following are the building blocks and basic tools of data science applications:

  • Statistics: The collection and analysis of data in large quantities.
  • Visualization: Tools and presentation methodologies that make the data understandable.
  • Machine Learning: Computer systems that find and record patterns in the data.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The automation of repeatable tasks at large scale to create and process larger data sets.

Here are a few of the applications and operations that DataCity Analytics team members have deployed for medium-to-large scale organizations:

  • Search: Algorithms created to assist with useful search results across multiple databases.
  • Image recognition: Quickly process and scan images to detect specific objects or changes.
  • Speech recognition: Process human speech in real time and respond with context-relevant answers on the fly.
  • Recommendation systems: Analyze customer activity and find complementary or alternative recommendations.
  • Assisted internet search: Interact with a wide range of APIs to provide better search results on specific narrow topics.
  • Predictive analytics: Find patterns in existing data and use them to predict future changes in conditions.
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence via Simulation: Learn how your current operations would be affected by certain decisions.
  • Logistics and routing: Find better, faster ways to efficiently move products, raw materials and delivery vehicles by tracking in real time.

Results That Enhance Operations

Here are some brief case studies that show the results of DataCity Analytics's work in data science.

IT Systems in France

Some of the technology supporting financial services applications at large firms is ancient and out of date, but still required to process certain transactions. We created an underlying monitoring and reporting system that enhanced the utility of these old mainframe applications. This system offered better access and understanding to the performance of these old mainframe-based applications. This understanding allowed the IT department to tune its servers and connectivity to support the needs of these specific applications.

Logistics Monitoring in Shipping

Taking a new approach to everything from choosing raw materials suppliers to packing trucks, we modernized, streamlined and enhanced the operations of a shipping company to bring new insight, enhanced planning and a full understanding of efficiency to a 50-year old company. Eliminating wasteful or costly activities saved 11% in costs for the first year alone. Pilot programs of enhanced technology have shown the potential for even greater savings.

Predictive Maintenance in Communications

A communications company is now able to predict the failure time of specific devices or networks before they occur and can provide preventive maintenance when it is specifically needed rather than on a set schedule. By understanding the actual usage of equipment (not just up-time) they were able to determine what parts and components needed specific maintenance at a specific time. This enhanced the overall performance and freed up maintenance technicians for priority work.

"DataCity Analytics provides great analysis and statistics metrics on our customer trends, allowing us to derive meaningful looks into separate customer segments. Their presentation of the final product was exceptional and the support and on-going project management was useful and productive."

Wendy P., VP of development at an eCommerce company


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